Commercial HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance Programs

Commercial HVAC MaintenanceHeat NW provides comprehensive Commercial HVAC Maintenance programs that will keep your Heating and Cooling system running at peak performance ~ saving the company energy, money, and time.

Commercial Heating and Cooling systems run 24/7 and must be maintained in order to remain reliable and efficient over time.

Our HVAC Maintenance Programs include:

  1. Sequence Test the complete system (air conditioning, heating, and fan operation).
  2. Clean and level the thermostat – calibrate, adjust, and record heat anticipator setting.
  3. Replace up to one standard throwaway filter 1” or clean one permanent filter per system.
  4. Remove and clean the indoor blower assembly. (as necessary)
  5. Remove and clean the indoor blower motor on the indoor unit. (as necessary)
  6. Remove any trash or debris from indoor and outdoor units.
  7. Lubricate all moving parts on indoor and outdoor units.
  8. Test and record voltages on indoor blower motor.
  9. Test and record amperages on indoor blower motor.
  10. Test and examine controls on indoor and outdoor units.
  11. Tighten or adjust belts and pulleys within indoor or outdoor units.
  12. Examine and tighten all electrical connections on the indoor and outdoor units.
  13. Examine and clean evaporator coil (if accessible).
  14. Clean and treat condensate drain line from indoor coil to main drain line (only to wall or floor).
  15. Clean and treat condensate pump if part of the cooling drain system.
  16. Clean and apply protective coating to indoor and outdoor cabinets.
  17. Clean and adjust burner assembly.
  18. Test and clean ignition assembly.
  19. Clean heat exchanger and examine for possible cracks.
  20. Test and record gas pressures.
  21. Leak test for gas leaks at equipment gas piping connections.
  22. Monitor flue draft on gas furnace.
  23. Examine duct condition (if accessible).
  24. Test and record indoor air temperature.
  25. Test and record indoor temperature drop in cooling mode.
  26. Test and record indoor temperature rise in heating mode.
  27. Test and record refrigerant pressures (low and high side).
  28. Monitor refrigerant charge on refrigerant system.
  29. Test and record superheat on refrigerant system.
  30. Test and record subcooling on refrigerant system.
  31. Clean outdoor condenser coil on outdoor unit.
  32. Test and clean outdoor fan motor.
  33. Test and record voltages on outdoor unit (fan motor and compressor).
  34. Test and record amperages on outdoor unit (fan motor and compressor).
  35. Replace any missing screws on indoor or outdoor units.
  36. Visually inspect indoor and outdoor coils and copper tubing for refrigerant leaks.
  37. Examine and tighten all electrical connections on disconnect of outdoor unit.
IR_AC Maintenance

Contactor was melted.  After repair it shows the lugs where the wires terminate are nice and cool.


Why choose Heat NW for your Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Heat NW uses advanced technical tools to detect any upcoming problems in your commercial HVAC system and can fix them before it becomes an issue.  One of the tools is Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging.  They can visually see if part of the system is starting to malfunction, and repair or replace it before there is a serious HVAC failure.  Visually seeing the problem,  there is no question that the part  is in need of replacing. By catching problems early, business owners know they’re saving money in the long run with fewer repairs.